[mythtv-users] Using low- and high-power multiplexes simultaneously

Simon Hobson linux at thehobsons.co.uk
Sun Apr 3 18:01:51 UTC 2011

Raymond Wagner wrote:

>They're not going to be cheap but you can find narrow band, or 'notch'
>attenuators that will drop the power on that specific frequency only. 
>They're typically used when you want to combine multiple directional
>antennae into a single lead.

Or, and it's going to cost more, split the feed to two tuners - 
attenuate the signal to one tuner and use that for the high power 
mux, and use the other tuner for the lower powered muxes.

At least the OP is in the position of being able to attenuate the 
signal ! Far better than having too little.
Simon Hobson

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