[mythtv-users] IPad and mythtv.

Phil Linttell phil.linttell at rogers.com
Fri May 28 19:26:08 UTC 2010

> Date: Fri, 28 May 2010 09:50:56 -0400
> From: Jarod Wilson<jarod at wilsonet.com>
> Subject: Re: [mythtv-users] IPad and mythtv.
> One thing I'll note here: its a bit of a challenge to set up if you're
> using the AirVideo Server for*Linux*. It takes about 30 seconds to
> set up if you're using the AirVideo server for Mac OS X (and
> presumably similar for Windows). I'm running AirVideo Server for Mac
> OS X on an old 2GHz Core Duo iMac right now. Works well enough for all
> mpeg2 content and lower resolution h.264/mpeg4/etc., but real-time
> transcode unsurprisingly doesn't work particularly well for h.264 HD
> content. Thus far though, its mostly all just a neat trick for me to
> be able to play stuff on my iPad and iPhone. I'm rarely in a position
> where I want to watch something and it doesn't make more sense to just
> watch it using mythfrontend on a machine hooked to a TV at home, or
> worst-case, mythfrontend on a laptop. If I traveled more or had a long
> commute via public transit, maybe it'd be more useful.
>> >  It
>> >  would be nice to provide similar functionality integrated with Myth that
>> >  could support a broader range of devices.
> Agreed, would be a nice integrated feature. And as mentioned, there
> *is*  some relevant related work being done to enable storing multiple
> files per recording so you can post-record transcode and keep both a
> transcoded ipod-tailored version and the original version of a
> recording. Not sure if any work is being done or considered wrt
> on-demand real-time transcoding, beyond the mythweb flash player,
> which (iirc) calls ffmpeg directly, it doesn't actually do the
> transcode via mythbackend/mythtranscode. As they say in the
> industry... Patches welcome!;)
I'm finding that AirVideo transcodes 720p content recorded from an 
HD-PVR just fine on the fly (serving up to an iPod Touch over wifi).   
On my dual-core Athlon64 3GHz, ffmpeg peaks around 60% CPU (seams to use 
both cores?), but only sporadically.   My sons both have iPod Touches, 
and I'm sure I'll soon see how it deals with two HD programs being 
transcoded simultaneously, probably with a recording, commflag, and 
remote front-end all running at the same time   ;-)

I'd test 1080i content, but from some reason my cable company never 
seems to serve up any 1080i content, and it saves me from having to deal 
with de-interlacing, anyway.

I'd love to submit a patch.... but I'm afraid I'm a product manager 
rather than a developer, so the best I could do would be to submit a 
functional specification or market requirements document!  If any 
developers want to volunteer, I'm happy to do the requirements 
management  ;-)

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