[mythtv-users] Netbook - channel lock stopped working

stan stanlist at cox.net
Sat May 22 23:48:18 UTC 2010

I had mythTV working (with a few burbles) two or three weeks ago on my HP
Mini 210 netbook under Ubuntu 9.10 Desktop using an Hauppauge 950Q USB
tuner.  I'm not sure which version of mythTV I had installed.  I always
install with

	sudo apt-get update
	sudo apt-get install mythtv

I did a clean install of Ubuntu 10.04 Desktop and a clean install of mythTV
version 0.23 fixes [24158] and I could no longer get a lock on any of the
ATSC channels with the "Watch TV" function.  The setup channel scan, though,
found lots of ATSC channels.

I went back to a clean install of Ubunto 9.10 Desktop and a clean install of
mythTV version 0.22 fixes [22594] and still no lock trying to watch any of
the ATSC channels.

Did something change in the last week or two? I couldn't seem to get back to
my original working configuration.  Why would I find lots of ATSC channels
during channel scan only to fail lock trying to Watch TV?

I'm not sure if it matters, but mythTV 0.22 with Ubuntu 9.10 installed and
set up with "null" passwords for the database.  mythTV 0.23 under Ubuntu
10.04 setup made me find the generated password in
/etc/mythtv/somethingOrOther and enter it into the first setup screen.

Any ideas?


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