[mythtv-users] [mythtv-commits] Ticket #6128: Port MythMusic to Qt4

MarcT myrdhn at gmail.com
Sun May 23 01:39:08 UTC 2010

MythMusic users alert!!! 

Saw this come across my email on the commits list earlier today.

#6128: Port MythMusic to Qt4
 Reporter:  danielk             |        Owner:  danielk
     Type:  task                |       Status:  closed 
 Priority:  minor               |    Milestone:  0.24   
Component:  Plugin - MythMusic  |      Version:  head   
 Severity:  medium              |   Resolution:  wontfix
  Mlocked:  0                   |  
Changes (by danielk):

  * status:  new => closed
  * resolution:  => wontfix


 There doesn't seem to be very much interest in maintaining MythMusic. If
 it shows signs of life in the future I will spend some time porting it to
 Qt4. Otherwise we can just drop the plugin when distro's start dropping

Unless we find someone willing to maintain the plugin, we may lose it when
distros start dropping qt3support.
I would volunteer to maintain it myself if I had programming experience. I
haven't coded anything since College and that was VB not C++.


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