[mythtv-users] livetv won't play till change channel then shows previous channel

David DeMan zachron at gmail.com
Sat May 22 21:28:02 UTC 2010

So i have had this issue for a while, and i am just getting around to
trying and figure it out.

when i go into livetv, it starts on whatever channel the tuner that is
being used was last tuned too (lets say for this explanation its
channel 5) , and sits there with a black screen, till i change the
channel (to 6). at the point that i change it to channel 6 it then
begins to play the stuff that was being recorded for channel 5, till
it runs out of recording. and then goes back to the black screen, and

i am running 0.21 (i know its old, but for some reason my mac mini
frontend does not like 0.22+)
with 2 tuners, one is a pchdtv3000 and the other is pchdtv5500
i have a backend  (one machine) and 2 different frontends, one is a
linux machine and the livetv works perfect there, the other frontend
is a mac frontend and that is where i am getting the odd behavior.

has anybody seen this before? or have any ideas on where to look to
see if its a setting issue? i havent seen anything when looking
through the settings on my frontend that screams "this is configured

thanks for the help,

David DeMan

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