[mythtv-users] Setup with multible DVB-S cards and inputs.

Per Jørgensen myth at pbj-design.dk
Thu May 20 20:04:39 UTC 2010

On 20-05-2010 21:37, Another Sillyname wrote:
> Per
> You DON'T want to do it the way you are suggesting.....
> The reason being that the EIT or listing data has to be collected from
> each satellite.
> If I've understood what you've done above you've set up 2 or 4
> satellites on each source?  If so you may well get conflicts between
> the EIT data where two different satellites have the same identifiers
> for some channel combinations.
Yes I know - But since I made thoose changes in Mythweb - so no 
conflicting channels are there now.
Since I'm grabbing the listingdata from a outside provider (www.ontv.dk) 
and then put the data into MythTV.
Just getting the listing data in a XML file - and adding it to MythTV by 

mythfilldatabase --update --file 1 <FILENAME>    puts data in for Listing 1
mythfilldatabase --update --file 4 <FILENAME>    puts data in for Listing 4

So not needing the data from the satelite - since I've got better 
updated data from OnTV

> I would suggest instead dedicate each card to a single satellite and
> this will ensure that EIT scanning will be localised to that satellite
> and will allow you to then set the channel number for that card
> correctly, however keep in mind that even when the channel is not
> actively 'in use' it's still activerly scanning EIT data, turn on EIT
> in the logs to see what I mean.
> Regards
> ______________
I've thinked about setting it up this way - but this will take many 
options away from me - while seeing different channels all over the house!
Got 4 frontends running -. the reason for having so many tuners and 
mixing the setup this way. So setting 1source pr tuner - I'll getting a 
couple of SBE for running all those cards with the same recording 
options as I got now !
It was allso to hear others meaning about how to set this up!

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