[mythtv-users] Setup with multible DVB-S cards and inputs.

Another Sillyname anothersname at googlemail.com
Thu May 20 19:37:16 UTC 2010

On 20 May 2010 18:23, Per Jørgensen <myth at pbj-design.dk> wrote:
> Hey Guys.
> I Would like to hear something here - with my new setup ( New Dish - with
> 6LNB's)
> In my MBE I've got 5 cards - 3xHauppaugeHVR4000 and 2xTevii270!
> HVR4000 is Quadtuners - and Tevii270 is singletuners. So for getting the
> best try - I've done this!
> Card1  \
> Card2 > DISEqC  A: Sirius  B:Thor
> Card3  /
> Card4 \
> Card5 /   DISEqC  A: Hotbird B: Eutel C: AstraI D: AstraII
> For Each LNB's I've made a VideoSource - and named them after their
> satelite!
> But the problem is - that I want LiveTV - to start with channel 1 EACH time
> it'll start instead of remembering the last time!
> I think its in the frontends you'll set this param for each frontend.
> Carse I have build a list for all my channels, and want to start on the
> programlist program 1 each time.
> Since i Have alt Under the stairs solution - I'll like it to be as
> streamlined as possible!
> It seems to chooce from input sources instead of channels - using them from
> the highest numbers of tuner first. Is it possible to make this the other
> way around so MythTV will start using tuner1 first - afterwards tuner2
> insted of tuner10 followed by tuner9 - or is this hardcoded and normal ?
> I'm in doubt about the groups that you can put the different cards in!
> Should i puth both inputsources in the same cardgroup - carse they have the
> same input source - or is this ONLY when you have several input as DVB-S and
> DVB-T??
> Thanks in advance
> Per
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You DON'T want to do it the way you are suggesting.....

The reason being that the EIT or listing data has to be collected from
each satellite.

If I've understood what you've done above you've set up 2 or 4
satellites on each source?  If so you may well get conflicts between
the EIT data where two different satellites have the same identifiers
for some channel combinations.

I would suggest instead dedicate each card to a single satellite and
this will ensure that EIT scanning will be localised to that satellite
and will allow you to then set the channel number for that card
correctly, however keep in mind that even when the channel is not
actively 'in use' it's still activerly scanning EIT data, turn on EIT
in the logs to see what I mean.


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