[mythtv-users] Setup with multible DVB-S cards and inputs.

Per Jørgensen myth at pbj-design.dk
Thu May 20 17:23:01 UTC 2010

Hey Guys.
I Would like to hear something here - with my new setup ( New Dish - 
with 6LNB's)
In my MBE I've got 5 cards - 3xHauppaugeHVR4000 and 2xTevii270!
HVR4000 is Quadtuners - and Tevii270 is singletuners. So for getting the 
best try - I've done this!

Card1  \
Card2 > DISEqC  A: Sirius  B:Thor
Card3  /

Card4 \
Card5 /   DISEqC  A: Hotbird B: Eutel C: AstraI D: AstraII

For Each LNB's I've made a VideoSource - and named them after their 
But the problem is - that I want LiveTV - to start with channel 1 EACH 
time it'll start instead of remembering the last time!
I think its in the frontends you'll set this param for each frontend.
Carse I have build a list for all my channels, and want to start on the 
programlist program 1 each time.
Since i Have alt Under the stairs solution - I'll like it to be as 
streamlined as possible!
It seems to chooce from input sources instead of channels - using them 
from the highest numbers of tuner first. Is it possible to make this the 
other way around so MythTV will start using tuner1 first - afterwards 
tuner2 insted of tuner10 followed by tuner9 - or is this hardcoded and 
normal ?

I'm in doubt about the groups that you can put the different cards in!
Should i puth both inputsources in the same cardgroup - carse they have 
the same input source - or is this ONLY when you have several input as 
DVB-S and DVB-T??

Thanks in advance

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