[mythtv-users] Twinhan AD-SP300 (1034) DVB-S CI PCI

Richard Morton richard.e.morton at gmail.com
Tue May 18 20:11:07 UTC 2010

I found this quote on teh Ubuntu forum:

I downloaded the latest DVB-S2 drivers from

Now my Twinhan 1034 shows up within MythTV.  Now I just have to configure
the Multisitch/DiSEqC as I have 4 LNBs coming into a 17 In 8 Out

Anyone have experience configuring DiSEqC with a multiswitch within MythTV?

I the above download a branch of the v4l driver framework or is it the main
trunk; sorry I cant work it out.
Looking at the commits the relevant changes were 18 months ago -

so should this now be available as a package in Ubuntu?

If so which package?


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