[mythtv-users] mkiconmap.pl

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Thu May 13 07:39:03 UTC 2010

On 05/13/2010 02:10 AM, Marc Chamberlin wrote:
> Hello - I am in the process of setting up mytthtv and want to install 
> the icons for all the TV stations in my area and for the satellite 
> stations I receive. The documentation on the mythtv website refers to 
> a perl script called mkiconmap.pl and says I should have it on my 
> system if I have the XMLTV software packages installed. I do! But I am 
> unable to locate this perl script file anywhere and none of the 
> packages for mythTV, xmltv, or even the source code tar.bz2 file for 
> mythtv contains this gem... So... where do I find this piece of magic?

mkiconmap.pl has been replaced by an interactive grabber script, 
channel_icons.pl, in the mythtv/contrib/icons/master_iconmap directory.  
Note, also, that there's a GUI icon configuration/grabber in settings, 


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