[mythtv-users] Using MythTV 0.22

lanas lanas at securenet.net
Thu May 13 01:39:12 UTC 2010


  I've installed Fedora 12 i386 and follwoed the wiki instructions to
install MythTV from rpmfusion.  So far so good, although I haven't seen
yet any video or TV.  I've subscribed to schedules direct and it seems
that mythfilldatabase ran OK (took some time).  Now I'd like to simply
watch some .flv videos I have.  Using a previous MythTV version from
last year or so (Mythdora 5) I'd simply copy the .flv files
to /storage/videos/Youtube/Music for instance, and then ran a Video
database setup from mythfrontend.

  Now with 0.22 I have specified /storage/videos/ in Video -> general
setting, I have copied some -flv files
in /storage/videos/Youtube/Music/PinkFloyd but MythTV reports that
there are no files.  

  The MythTV user guide doesn't say much about 'MythVideo' apart that I
should download and installa plugin.  is this the case ?  Do I need to
install a plugin when the installation was made using rpmfusion
packages ?

  How do you get to see -flv (and others) videos with the recent MythTV
edition ?


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