[mythtv-users] Recording Groups and Advanded Deletion idea...

Joseph Fry joe at thefrys.com
Thu May 6 04:58:43 UTC 2010

> Brilliant idea.
> One usability thing: I'd go batty if I had to delete programs manually
> from every group.
> Perhaps deleting from All Programs could be allowed, and that deletes
> the program from every group?
> Probably ought to show the groups a program is in when the confirm
> dialog appears.
> The private recordings feature sounds completely separate. You'll have
> an easier time doing the first bit if you worry about the second one
> later :)
I think a better idea (than allowing a recording to belong to multiple
recording groups) would be to use "labels" like in gmail.  A recording could
have many labels applied; static labels like based on the recording like
HD/SD or series/sports/movie, and custom user supplied labels like "Dad's
Favorite") etc).  One could filter recordings based on labels rather than
storage group.  You could have predefined filters for most of your viewing
(Mom's shows, Dad's Shows, Kid's Shows, etc.) that you choose from when
opening the "watch recordings" screen.

Labels could be made easy to toggle, perhaps by assigning them each a 2
digit number that you could type in from the watch recording screen?

Finally, labels would be easier to implement.  The existing recording groups
could remain intact and functional... a label compatible theme would simply
ignore the recording groups when displaying recordings and instead use
labels to filter the entire library.
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