[mythtv-users] Recording Groups and Advanded Deletion idea...

Phil Wild philwild at gmail.com
Thu May 6 05:46:56 UTC 2010

> I think a better idea (than allowing a recording to belong to multiple
> recording groups) would be to use "labels" like in gmail.  A recording could
> have many labels applied; static labels like based on the recording like
> HD/SD or series/sports/movie, and custom user supplied labels like "Dad's
> Favorite") etc).  One could filter recordings based on labels rather than
> storage group.  You could have predefined filters for most of your viewing
> (Mom's shows, Dad's Shows, Kid's Shows, etc.) that you choose from when
> opening the "watch recordings" screen.
> Labels could be made easy to toggle, perhaps by assigning them each a 2
> digit number that you could type in from the watch recording screen?
> Finally, labels would be easier to implement.  The existing recording groups
> could remain intact and functional... a label compatible theme would simply
> ignore the recording groups when displaying recordings and instead use
> labels to filter the entire library.

I like the idea of filtering on a label and "not yet watched" and then
loading it into the playlist....


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