[mythtv-users] Frontend Remote Recommendations

Craig Huff huffcslists at gmail.com
Tue Jul 20 19:21:11 UTC 2010

Sounds like the problem is that your remote does not send the same
codes that the MCE remote definition file in LIRC expects.  You may
need to look for other remote code sets that match some identifying
characteristic of your remote (model # maybe?).  Failing that, you can
create your own remote code definition file.  IIRC, you use IRW to
capture codes and respond to the prompts to provide the key name for
each code.  This results in a LIRC config file you can use.  Then you
just have to prepare the other config file that associates those key
names with command strings that the appropriate app understands (e.g.
MythTV: escape key -> stop/exit, Menu key -> M, Info key -> i, etc. --
_Do_ check for the right ones, not just take my recollections as
gospel!) .



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