[mythtv-users] Edit cutlist problems after upgrade

Raymond Wagner raymond at wagnerrp.com
Sun Dec 12 23:12:23 UTC 2010

On 12/12/2010 16:32, Preston Crow wrote:
> I've been using Myth for ages.  Ever since the lossless MPEG transcoder
> was added, we would often use it to remove the commercials.  Editing the
> cutlist was quick and easy.  After upgrading to 0.24 (actually the
> trunk, just before the switch to git), it has become painful to use.
> With the old edit system, pressing enter gave a very simple menu for
> adding a cutpoint, or moving a nearby (with 30-second) cutpoint.  With
> the new system, you have to hit menu, and the options are confusing, and
> you don't always seem to have the option of adding a new cutpoint.
> Also, the marker for where you are in the video should be a different
> color, but I suspect that's a bug in the theme that I'm using.
> Is this something that is under active development, and will likely be
> cleaned up soon?

The only flaw with the current cutlist editor is one dealing with the 
end.  If there is a cutpoint defined out past the end of the video, the 
editor gets confused, and will not display it, causing what may appear 
as inconsistent behavior.  The new system seems painful as it is a 
significant break from the old behavior.  After getting used to the old 
behavior, the new behavior seems completely foreign.  At least in my 
opinion, the new method is more intuitive after forcing myself to 
un-learn the old.

I'm going to walk through doing a cutlist in the new editor:

I open a recording, and load the skip list with 'e', and 'z'.

I 'pgdn' to hit the end of the first cut, find it is too far, move back 
to the proper location, hit 'enter', then 'Move End of Cut Here'.

I move to the next cut, find it has not cut enough, so I move back to 
the proper location and hit 'enter' to start a new cut.  I 'pgdn' to the 
original cut start, 'pgdn' again to the original cut end, and then back 
up a bit into the cut for the proper location.  A second 'enter' merges 
the two cuts, and a third 'enter' with a 'Move End of Cut Here' fixes it.

The third cut is too short on both ends, so an 'enter' at the start, 
another 'enter' at the end, and the existing cut is overwritten.

The fourth cut starts fine, but ends short.  I could correct it by 
setting both endpoints, but since I'm already at the end, I open up the 
menu with 'm' and 'Move Previous Cut End Here'.

The end is screwed up as I mentioned, so I just want to delete it all 
and create a new one.  I'm at the end so I don't want to move.  First I 
'm' and 'Move Start of Next Cut Here'.  Then 'm' and 'Delete This Cut'.  
And finally 'm' and 'Cut To End'.

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