[mythtv-users] Edit cutlist problems after upgrade

Preston Crow pc-mythtv08a at crowcastle.net
Tue Dec 14 22:12:10 UTC 2010

On Sun, 2010-12-12 at 18:12 -0500, Raymond Wagner wrote:
> On 12/12/2010 16:32, Preston Crow wrote:
> > I've been using Myth for ages.  Ever since the lossless MPEG transcoder
> > was added, we would often use it to remove the commercials.  Editing the
> > cutlist was quick and easy.  After upgrading to 0.24 (actually the
> > trunk, just before the switch to git), it has become painful to use.
> > With the old edit system, pressing enter gave a very simple menu for
> > adding a cutpoint, or moving a nearby (with 30-second) cutpoint.  With
> > the new system, you have to hit menu, and the options are confusing, and
> > you don't always seem to have the option of adding a new cutpoint.
> >
> > Also, the marker for where you are in the video should be a different
> > color, but I suspect that's a bug in the theme that I'm using.
> >
> > Is this something that is under active development, and will likely be
> > cleaned up soon?
> The only flaw with the current cutlist editor is one dealing with the 
> end.  If there is a cutpoint defined out past the end of the video, the 
> editor gets confused, and will not display it, causing what may appear 
> as inconsistent behavior.  The new system seems painful as it is a 
> significant break from the old behavior.  After getting used to the old 
> behavior, the new behavior seems completely foreign.  At least in my 
> opinion, the new method is more intuitive after forcing myself to 
> un-learn the old.
> I'm going to walk through doing a cutlist in the new editor:
> I open a recording, and load the skip list with 'e', and 'z'.
> I 'pgdn' to hit the end of the first cut, find it is too far, move back 
> to the proper location, hit 'enter', then 'Move End of Cut Here'.
> I move to the next cut, find it has not cut enough, so I move back to 
> the proper location and hit 'enter' to start a new cut.  I 'pgdn' to the 
> original cut start, 'pgdn' again to the original cut end, and then back 
> up a bit into the cut for the proper location.  A second 'enter' merges 
> the two cuts, and a third 'enter' with a 'Move End of Cut Here' fixes it.
> The third cut is too short on both ends, so an 'enter' at the start, 
> another 'enter' at the end, and the existing cut is overwritten.
> The fourth cut starts fine, but ends short.  I could correct it by 
> setting both endpoints, but since I'm already at the end, I open up the 
> menu with 'm' and 'Move Previous Cut End Here'.
> The end is screwed up as I mentioned, so I just want to delete it all 
> and create a new one.  I'm at the end so I don't want to move.  First I 
> 'm' and 'Move Start of Next Cut Here'.  Then 'm' and 'Delete This Cut'.  
> And finally 'm' and 'Cut To End'.

Thanks for the explanation.  I agree that the new way mostly works
better, or will once the display correctly indicates where you are, and
indicates when you start a new cutpoint.  The only thing that seems to
be missing is an easy way to combine two cuts.  Often I find that the
commercial detection cuts a commercial at the beginning and end of the
break, but thinks the middle is part of the show.  Fixing that is still
a pain.

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