[mythtv-users] Recording suddenly broke, WAF < 0

dargllun dargllun at googlemail.com
Fri Dec 3 09:17:00 UTC 2010

On 01.12.2010 18:08, Michael T. Dean wrote:
> And, yes, you can have broken input connections configuration and
> everything may work for a while, but eventually, things will just stop
> working. This typically occurs when you configure a capture card and
> fail to connect any inputs on it, or you configure a video source that's
> not connected to any inputs. (I.e. only configure in MythTV those things
> MythTV can actually use--and configure them fully. And if you ever want
> to disable the use of a capture card, you must completely delete that
> card--and if it was the only user of a video source, delete that video
> source.)
> The above approach will clean up all of the brokenness in that
> situation. Then, if you reconfigure properly, things will work. It's
> critical you use the "Delete all" buttons to properly clean up
> everything, though.

I would have sworn I had reported back on this, but as it seems I haven't.

Deleting all video sources and defining them anew did the trick. The 
DVB-T scan was weired though, with lots of collisions and I ended up 
with a partial list of channels. But that seems fixable.

Live-TV /and/ recording do both work; mythfilldatabase is a lot faster 
now than before and things look good again. Thanks to all who helped.

Having said live-tv works, starting with 0.24-fixes, it seems like the 
receptions is much worse than before, and may channels don't tune in 
anymore, or only at times. I can't believe there's a relation to mythtv, 
but has anyone else observed this?

Thanks again

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