[mythtv-users] Recording suddenly broke, WAF < 0

Mike Perkins mikep at randomtraveller.org.uk
Fri Dec 3 11:54:48 UTC 2010

dargllun wrote:
> Deleting all video sources and defining them anew did the trick. The 
> DVB-T scan was weired though, with lots of collisions and I ended up 
> with a partial list of channels. But that seems fixable.
> Live-TV /and/ recording do both work; mythfilldatabase is a lot faster 
> now than before and things look good again. Thanks to all who helped.
> Having said live-tv works, starting with 0.24-fixes, it seems like the 
> receptions is much worse than before, and may channels don't tune in 
> anymore, or only at times. I can't believe there's a relation to mythtv, 
> but has anyone else observed this?
It is possible that you can receive transmissions from more than one source. 
That's certainly the case at my location in the UK. I can only tell you what 
happens to me:

If I do a full scan it starts off at the lowest possible channel number and 
scans all the way to the highest. The lower end has broadcasts from a distant 
transmitter I get the fringes of, then I get the antenna 7 miles away (which is 
the one I want), then at the top end I get more results from an even more 
distant source in another different direction. More recent results (higher 
channel numbers) will overlay earlier ones (and give you the wrong local stations!).

What you have to do is to do a full scan and then go into the transport editor. 
With luck the transmitters you actually want will be in the list: delete all the 
others using 'D'. Then go back and do another scan, but change the scan type in 
the dropdown box to 'Scan existing transports only'. This should give you a full 
list of good channels. Occasionally I have to scan each transport in succession 
to get a good list, YMMV.

If you can't see the correct transports you'll have to add them manually using 
the transport editor. There are various places on the web with info for setting 
up these values for your own requirements.


Mike Perkins

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