[mythtv-users] Is shutdown action of standalone frontend controllable?

Craig Huff huffcslists at gmail.com
Mon Aug 23 21:35:35 UTC 2010

Nuts!  Looks like something left out of the build made by the
MythBuntu packagers.

Would like to know how you get the screen shot.

In the meantime, my screen looks just like yours, except...

The Shutdown/Reboot Settings box only contains the "Customise exit
menu options:" pull-down and it is centered vertically in the frame.
Just for good measure, I tried changing the selection in the pull-down
and none of the alternatives caused the other two text entry boxes to

Guess it is time to figure out how to raise this as an issue on the
MythBuntu website.  Sure would be nice to have those!  Never got the
hang of building from sources.  Always seemed to get lost in what
seemed like it should be a deceptively simple sequence of commands or
never-ending -- oh, forgot to get one more piece of source code --
type problems.

Thanks for trying -- and again, how did you do the screen shot?


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