[mythtv-users] Is shutdown action of standalone frontend controllable?

Jason Chambers lists at purplish-monkey.com
Mon Aug 23 22:25:07 UTC 2010

On 23/08/2010 22:35, Craig Huff wrote:
> Thanks for trying -- and again, how did you do the screen shot?

There's a couple of ways not to do it ;-)

Pointing a browser at your frontend like so -
http://lister:6547/MythFE/GetScreenShot - doesn't work for me (I've
raised #8071) about that.

Assigning a key to the Screenshot jumppoint and pressing the key doesn't
work - you end up typing the key into the settings and messing up your

In the end I just gave up, and installed ImageMagick.  You can get a
screenshot from a command line (and therefore via SSH) like this:

$ import -window root my-screenshot.png


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