[mythtv-users] Another Atom/ION based frontend possibility???

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Tue Apr 20 17:57:30 UTC 2010

On Tuesday 20 April 2010 11:05:05 am Bill Bogstad wrote:
> Currently on sale at NewEgg:
> http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16856119022
> As I see it, the differences with other recent options are:
> Includes DVD/CD drive
> Doesn't have a standard VGA connector (don't know if it supports
> DVI-analog to VGA adapter or not)

Depends on what type of DVI it actually has, the spec sheet doesn't say.

> Doesn't include hard drive (not sure if there is even room for it
> inside the case)

Unlikely, though of course you could use a network drive, or a USB one.

> No memory included (and only one slot)

It says it can accept 4GB, and that it has one 200-pin slot. I guess they are 
making 4GB SODIMMs now?

> Includes 802.11n wireless

If this is in a mini-PCIe slot, it could be replaced with a CrystalHD module. 
WiFi and HD are not a good combination.

> Some say it has a loud fan

"Loud" means different things to different people, but it will need more cooling 
than the single-core Revo.

So it seems to be a dual-core Revo, without one memory slot(?), without the 
hard drive, without the VGA connector (though it does have a DVI connector), 
and with an optical drive.

The price point is similar to the Revo, but I'd go with the Revo, using an 
external optical drive if needed. A frontend doesn't need the second core, and 
it would still be a pretty slow backend.

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