[mythtv-users] CALM Act in US

Francesco Peeters francesco at fampeeters.com
Thu Oct 15 06:08:42 UTC 2009

Yan Seiner wrote:
> On Wed, October 14, 2009 1:01 pm, Brian Wood wrote:
>> Then there are the reports of large increases in water demand during
>> commercial breaks.
> Heh.  As someone who has been in the water/wastewater industry, I can tell
> you that a water operator can tell when a popular show is on.  And the
> highest water demand of the year?
> Half-time at the Superbowl.
> Of course, with myth and other PVRs, time shifting, and all that, even
> these bits of knowledge will fade into mythlore.
> --Yan
Unlikely... Programs like Superbowl and other high profile finale's will
*always* be watched live... You don't want to know about stuff lke that
*later* than your friends! So you don't time-shift, record, etc... You
just sit through it...

("You" being the average person, which is what counts in this case)

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