[mythtv-users] Moved db to new machine, mythtv still finds old recordings

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Sat Nov 21 01:18:46 UTC 2009

On 11/20/2009 05:34 PM, Thomas Börkel wrote:
> Some more info. I realized, that while the new machine records to the
> new directory, it will play all recordings (also new ones) from the old
> machine's directory.
> Looking at the db dump, I found this (the new machine's name is "linux",
> the old machine's name is "backend"):
> Table storagegroup:
> (5,'Default','linux','/mnt/mybook1/video/recordings/')
> Table settings:
> ('RecordFilePrefix','/mythtv/backend/video/recordings/','linux')
> The first entry (in storagegroup) is what I entered in mythtv-setup for
> the new machine after converting the db.
> The second entry (in settings) is the old directory.
> While moving the DB from the old machine ("backend") to the new machine
> ("linux"), I converted first all "linux" to "linuxalt" in the DB and
> then all "backend" to "linux".
> So, I guess that's why I have that old directory in table settings. But
> where do I edit that? And why does mythtv use it for playback, when
> there is an entry in table storagegroup?

You can't.  It's the legacy, 0.20 and below, pre-SG setting for the 
recordings directory.  It doesn't even exist in a database created with 
0.21 or higher.  It's only being used as a fallback because the files do 
not exist where they should--in one of the directories in the directory 
list for the specified storage group.


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