[mythtv-users] Moved db to new machine, mythtv still finds old recordings

Thomas Börkel thomas at boerkel.de
Sat Nov 21 08:34:11 UTC 2009


Michael T. Dean wrote:

>> So, I guess that's why I have that old directory in table settings. But
>> where do I edit that? And why does mythtv use it for playback, when
>> there is an entry in table storagegroup?
> You can't.  It's the legacy, 0.20 and below, pre-SG setting for the
> recordings directory.  It doesn't even exist in a database created with
> 0.21 or higher.  It's only being used as a fallback because the files do
> not exist where they should--in one of the directories in the directory
> list for the specified storage group.

Ah, I see. But it seems to prefer the old directory, because it also
uses it for new recordings, which *do* exist in the new default SG


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