[mythtv-users] Moved db to new machine, mythtv still finds old recordings

Thomas Börkel thomas at boerkel.de
Fri Nov 20 22:34:00 UTC 2009


Some more info. I realized, that while the new machine records to the
new directory, it will play all recordings (also new ones) from the old
machine's directory.

Looking at the db dump, I found this (the new machine's name is "linux",
the old machine's name is "backend"):

Table storagegroup:

Table settings:

The first entry (in storagegroup) is what I entered in mythtv-setup for
the new machine after converting the db.

The second entry (in settings) is the old directory.

While moving the DB from the old machine ("backend") to the new machine
("linux"), I converted first all "linux" to "linuxalt" in the DB and
then all "backend" to "linux".

So, I guess that's why I have that old directory in table settings. But
where do I edit that? And why does mythtv use it for playback, when
there is an entry in table storagegroup?



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