[mythtv-users] Jamu problem with Wipeout TV Series

Doug Vaughan r.d.vaughan at rogers.com
Thu Nov 19 13:27:29 UTC 2009

    Check out one more thing for me please. In the MythTV DB table 
"program" see if "Wipeout" has a value in the seriesid field. Then check 
if a movie has any value in the seriesid field,

At least with Schedule Direct in North America movies do not get 
seriesid's so this may be a better indicator than an empty subtitle. At 
times this can be very tricky as some TV series only get their pilot 
show. The pilot for "Virtuality" was turned into a movie but its 
metadata is only in the source TVDB and not TMDB. I am fairly sure that 
it did not have a subtitle from Schedule Direct. Jamu could be changed 
to use the presence of seriesid to get around this override issue.


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