[mythtv-users] Jamu problem with Wipeout TV Series

Johnny jarpublic at gmail.com
Thu Nov 19 14:50:16 UTC 2009

>   Check out one more thing for me please. In the MythTV DB table "program"
> see if "Wipeout" has a value in the seriesid field. Then check if a movie
> has any value in the seriesid field,
> At least with Schedule Direct in North America movies do not get seriesid's
> so this may be a better indicator than an empty subtitle. At times this can
> be very tricky as some TV series only get their pilot show. The pilot for
> "Virtuality" was turned into a movie but its metadata is only in the source
> TVDB and not TMDB. I am fairly sure that it did not have a subtitle from
> Schedule Direct. Jamu could be changed to use the presence of seriesid to
> get around this override issue.

Just curious, why doesn't Jamu or the mythvideo metadata grabber let
us assign content by folder? I think most people organize their
libraries such that TV shows are in one folder and movies are in
another. Then I could easily just say in my config file that this
whole folder is TV shows. Then there is no more guess work involved.
This is how XBMC and does it and it is very intuitive and works great.

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