[mythtv-users] Wanted: Web Interface to control Sky Plus Box via IR_Blaster

Joseph Heenan joseph at heenan.me.uk
Tue Nov 17 11:38:48 UTC 2009

Hi Dave,

Dave Pearson wrote:

> What I would like now is to have an easy, web based, interface to send 
> other Sky Plus commands to the Sky Plus box, such as TV_GUIDE, the 
> colour buttins etc. So that I can play back Sky Plus Recordings on my 
> MythTV box without having to steal the Sky Plus Remote from the lounge.
> Has anyone already developed a nice Web Interface for that?

I've similar functional-but-not-pretty software I wrote that you can get 


(the 'control sky/sky+ over the internet' section)

It's targeted for my non-IR sky controller, but may be a better base for 
you than starting from nothing. It's all pretty straightforward perl cgis.



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