[mythtv-users] Wanted: Web Interface to control Sky Plus Box via IR_Blaster

Dave Pearson lists at the-pearsons.co.uk
Wed Nov 4 11:39:44 UTC 2009

A plea for help (and to save me reinventing the wheel if it's already 
been done)!

I have my MythTV server running really quite nicely now (I've even got 
over some of the shock of some of the changes in 0.22 and am very happy 
with it, so thanks to the developers) with an IR Blaster set up to 
change channels etc on my Sky Plus box.

What I would like now is to have an easy, web based, interface to send 
other Sky Plus commands to the Sky Plus box, such as TV_GUIDE, the 
colour buttins etc. So that I can play back Sky Plus Recordings on my 
MythTV box without having to steal the Sky Plus Remote from the lounge.

Has anyone already developed a nice Web Interface for that?

If not I'll try and do one myself, but it won't be pretty and it 
certainly won't be clever!

I envisage a page with hotspots that just call the irsend routine as 


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