[mythtv-users] More MythVideo problems - metadata storage this time!!

Johnny jarpublic at gmail.com
Fri Nov 13 14:53:37 UTC 2009

> 1. I have defined storage groups for all the MythVideo metadata. I'm not
> sure why because MythVideo is quite happy just filling up my home
> directory with all the coverart and fanart and the frontend finds it OK
> despite having the storage groups defined (at least on a local frontend -
> not tried a remote one yet). Do I have to rescan after updating metadata?

You do have to decide whether you want to define things locally or
with storage groups. If you switch to storage groups you will need to
rescan (in mythvideo hit 'M' and 'scan for changes'). The metadata
storage groups will only be used for videos that are in the videos
storage group. If your videos are defined locally in the frontend
videos setup, then it will use the metadata folders that are defined
there for those videos. I think these point to your home directory by
default. So it seems like you may be doing some of both. If you want
to go with storage groups then you need to remove the setup in the
frontend and setup everything on the backend in mythtv-setup.

> 2. Somehow though, mythweb has another world view - it can't find an
> artwork directory and so won't do anything at all with videos.

I seem to remember reading somewhere that mythweb doesn't yet support
video storage groups. I have no videos show up in mythweb which would
confirm that, but I can't find that actually documented anywhere. If
that is the case it is something we should add to the wiki:

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