[mythtv-users] More MythVideo problems - metadata storage this time!!

Robin Gilks g8ecj at gilks.org
Fri Nov 13 11:01:26 UTC 2009

I'm stumped by these 2 problems...

1. I have defined storage groups for all the MythVideo metadata. I'm not
sure why because MythVideo is quite happy just filling up my home
directory with all the coverart and fanart and the frontend finds it OK
despite having the storage groups defined (at least on a local frontend -
not tried a remote one yet). Do I have to rescan after updating metadata?

2. Somehow though, mythweb has another world view - it can't find an
artwork directory and so won't do anything at all with videos.


Could not find a value in the database for the MythVideo artwork directory
for this hostname (jupiter). Please update your <a
href="http://[host]/mythweb/settings/mythweb">settings</a> to point to the
correct location.

I'd be happy with this if there was actually a setting for the artwork
directory at the URL defined but there isn't - no text box or pulldown
list to set a path  :-(

Robin Gilks

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