[mythtv-users] Android Streaming

Adam Skinner kingmoffa at gmail.com
Fri Nov 13 09:28:52 UTC 2009

Hi List, 

Im trying to get myth videos to stream to my new android phone (HTC

Im converting the files from mythtv UK DVB-T and DVB-S into mp4 format
that is supposed to be compatible with android.  In addition to hinting
the file using gpac/MP4Box after the transcode. 

Im trying to use the darwin streaming server so I can skip to any part
of the video stream rather than a progressive file download through

I think I've got it all setup correctly and sometimes it nearly works. 
Im having issues that are sometimes related to android and sometimes to
the transcode.  

Android issues are that the audio plays fine but video stops , or
corruption in the video. 

Transcode issues are that sometimes the video and audio are out of

I've tried stock ffmpeg with ubuntu and a recent svn version. Same for

Any suggestions or anyone in the list have experience with android?

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