[mythtv-users] Mythmusic buffer underflow with audio cds

Frank Ahrens F.Ahrens at gmx.net
Fri Nov 13 12:37:07 UTC 2009

i have got a problem which i can't find solved in all discussions
available through google.
All my mythtv usage is nearly perfect. The only item i can't solve, ist
playing music directly from cd with mythmusic.
1.) the drive led lights up (drive access)
2.) the sound stutters
3.) drive access stops
4.) sound will be perfect for ~10sec and
5.) back to 1)
In my mythbackend.log i can see  many buffer underruns.
The sound is ok with other players such as xine or kscd.
In this cases the drive led is nearly on all the time or in much shorter

I have got the problem on my mythbuntu systems (8.10 with MythTV 0.21
and 9.10 with MythTV 0.22) on my HTPC
and on my Notebook with OpenSUSE 11.1 with MythTV 0.21.

It seems, that mythmusic first sucks all data out of the buffer before
reading new data from drive.

I think many user must have this problem, because it's on all my

Could someone help me to solve it?

Many thanks in advance.


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