[mythtv-users] Jamu error message

Mark Greenwood fatgerman at ntlworld.com
Sun Nov 8 18:10:32 UTC 2009

On Sunday 08 Nov 2009 15:57:46 Doug Vaughan wrote:
> Mark,
>     When you use the -MI option it tells jamu to ONLY process videos 
> that do not have either a TVDB or TMDB number and to ignore any other 
> videos. The message is telling you that there are no videos with missing 
> TVDB/TMDB numbers so Jamu -MI has nothing to process.
>     If you have never run a Jamu interactive session (-MI) where videos 
> were processed, then this may mean that the your video directory 
> configuration settings (set in MythTV) is pointing to an empty 
> directory. Run this command: "./jamu -Mf". This will output all the 
> settings jamu would use in alphabetical order. You are interested in the 
> ""mythvideo" setting for example "mythvideo ([u'/media/video'])". Jamu 
> has read the "/media/video" directory from the MythTV database. Make 
> sure that your Video and graphics directory settings are correct.

Hi Doug, thanks - I think you have put your finger on it.

jamu -Mf reports
mythvideo (['/var/lib/mythtv/videos'])

This is not correct. I have configured in the frontend under 'Videos Settings'->'General Settings'->'Directories that hold videos' is '/media/entertainment/Videos'.

So why is jamu ingoring this? And how do I fix it?

In the meantime, I tried symlinking /var/lib/mythtv/videos to /media/entertainment/Videos.
Now the interactive session is running, and finding all kinds of missing stuff, and deleting all the metadata I have carefully entered by hand, and when I go back into 'Watch Videos' I now have an entry 'Storage Groups' which lists one duplicate entry for each of my videos. And I STILL have no metadata, not even for all the videos I had painstakingly done it by hand for. 

I don't have any storage groups. I don't want any storage groups. I am beginning to think that jamu doesn't work without them. Looks like a bug to me.

Does anybody know how to restore the database backup that mythbutnu creates, because jamu has snafu'd mine?



>     There is a chance that the reason you see graphics is that one of 
> the Mythbuntu Jamu cronjobs gets graphics for your Scheduled and 
> Recorded programs.
> A side comment: Jamu automatically looks for a conf file in 
> "~/.mythtv/jamu.conf" so from the command line you have used you do not 
> need to specify the location of your jamu.conf file.
>     To use a secondary source you need to specified it in your jamu.conf 
> file like the included example.
>     You said "However there are a couple of shows where it has picked 
> the wrong graphics...". If this occurs check to see if your TV series in 
> the video file name matches the name used for that show on TVDB. For 
> example on TVDB "Castle" is an old show while "Castle (2009)" is the 
> currently running show.
> You use the jamu.conf section "[series_name_override]" to force a match 
> for TV shows and Movies. When something is not correct verify that the 
> source TVDB/TMDB information matches what jamu parses from your video 
> filenames or even what is in your EPG. Jamu can only do so much guessing.
> Doug 
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