[mythtv-users] Jamu error message

Doug Vaughan r.d.vaughan at rogers.com
Sun Nov 8 19:22:47 UTC 2009

    This link includes data base restore information. 

     I have no idea how you got a Videos storage group as Jamu does not 
add any storage groups. If you do not want storage groups then remove 
their entries through "mythtv-setup". Of course do not remove the 
"Default" storage group as it is used strictly for recordings. Then in 
MythVideo rescan to get rid of duplicate entries.

    Jamu will always try to use a storage groups for videos and/or 
graphics when they are present. Now if you find that you do not have a 
Videos storage group with "/var/lib/mythtv/videos" then the last 
possibility is that your backend (identified by its hostname) has a 
MythTV data base "settings" table entry for the "VideoStartupDir" field 
with a value of "/var/lib/mythtv/videos".

    When there are no Videos storage groups defined Jamu looks for the 
other directory settings specific to the backend's hostname. This is may 
be why Jamu is finding the "/var/lib/mythtv/videos". If that is true 
then Jamu will likely also find incorrect entries for your graphics 
directories associated with your backend's hostname.

    Yesterday I was talking to a user who had a FE on a seprerate 
machine then their backend. They had no storage groups other than 
"Default". Jamu could not find their graphics directory. We finally 
determined that they had MythDB entries that did not match between their 
backend and their front end. Their database even had FE settings for old 
machines they no longer used.

You have a few choices, of course the first is not to use jamu as it is 
entirely option. If you still want to use Jamu then run a FE on your 
backend and set the directory paths for video and the graphics to what 
you have on your other FE(s).

I am considering adding an option to allow a use to identify the 
hostname that Jamu would use to get video and graphics settings when 
storage groups are not configured for a backend. I cannot even think of 
how to explain the option to users that ruh into this rare situation.


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