[mythtv-users] Jamu error message

Doug Vaughan r.d.vaughan at rogers.com
Sun Nov 8 15:57:46 UTC 2009

    When you use the -MI option it tells jamu to ONLY process videos 
that do not have either a TVDB or TMDB number and to ignore any other 
videos. The message is telling you that there are no videos with missing 
TVDB/TMDB numbers so Jamu -MI has nothing to process.

    If you have never run a Jamu interactive session (-MI) where videos 
were processed, then this may mean that the your video directory 
configuration settings (set in MythTV) is pointing to an empty 
directory. Run this command: "./jamu -Mf". This will output all the 
settings jamu would use in alphabetical order. You are interested in the 
""mythvideo" setting for example "mythvideo ([u'/media/video'])". Jamu 
has read the "/media/video" directory from the MythTV database. Make 
sure that your Video and graphics directory settings are correct.

    There is a chance that the reason you see graphics is that one of 
the Mythbuntu Jamu cronjobs gets graphics for your Scheduled and 
Recorded programs.

A side comment: Jamu automatically looks for a conf file in 
"~/.mythtv/jamu.conf" so from the command line you have used you do not 
need to specify the location of your jamu.conf file.

    To use a secondary source you need to specified it in your jamu.conf 
file like the included example.

    You said "However there are a couple of shows where it has picked 
the wrong graphics...". If this occurs check to see if your TV series in 
the video file name matches the name used for that show on TVDB. For 
example on TVDB "Castle" is an old show while "Castle (2009)" is the 
currently running show.

You use the jamu.conf section "[series_name_override]" to force a match 
for TV shows and Movies. When something is not correct verify that the 
source TVDB/TMDB information matches what jamu parses from your video 
filenames or even what is in your EPG. Jamu can only do so much guessing.


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