[mythtv-users] Jamu running on which backend?

Ian Forde ianforde at gmail.com
Sun Nov 8 00:20:19 UTC 2009

So knowing that I have CentOS 5 running on my only backend, and Jamu
won't run on there due to python version issues, I was wondering if
setting up tunerless Ubuntu VM backend for Jamu to run in would get
around the issue.

According to the wiki, "Jamu can only be run on a MythTV backend. If you
have multiple MythTV backends you will need to run Jamu on each of
them."  After looking through the mailing list archives, and browsing
ticket 6440, it seems to me that:

1) I only need to run it on all backends if they have separate storage
directories and I'm not using NFS between them for that purpose.
2) As long as I have everything NFS-mounted on said Ubuntu VM, I should
be able to use the "-N" flag just fine, yes?

Of course, the fact that it would most likely be a tunerless backend may
cause some issues...


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