[mythtv-users] Jamu running on which backend?

Doug Vaughan r.d.vaughan at rogers.com
Sun Nov 8 02:54:10 UTC 2009

    You just won the novel Jamu question of the week award ;)

I assume you are meaning to use the "Ubuntu VM backend" to just run Jamu 
and it would never be used as an backend for a front end to access 
MythVideo. Your scheme may work if the following is true.

1) The Myth DB, videos and graphics directories are not within the VM 
2) The VM backend has the same hostname as your real backend. This would 
be a requirement specific to storage groups. See below.

There is the question of whether you are using storage groups or not. In 
the case that you use storage groups for Videos and all graphics 
directories the MythVideo records will store the hostname and relative 
paths to the videos and graphics files. This may give you some future 

If you use absolute paths like those defined in the FE settings then the 
full path is stored in the video record and the hostname is irrelevant.

No matter which way you go the MythVideo record updated by the VM 
backend must be transparently the same as what jamu would have produced 
on the real backend, otherise this will not work.

If you do this please, please back up your database first. This has 
definitely not been tried before.

Good Luck


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