[mythtv-users] Mythbuntu 9.10 LCDServerHost able to edit in database?

steve.goodey at bt.com steve.goodey at bt.com
Fri Nov 6 12:38:40 UTC 2009


I wonder if someone can help me please.

Can anyone give me a clue about editing the entry LCDServerHost in the database? From this post


I need to change it to I have the userid and password for mysql but am unable to find the commands to allow editing of the required field, which does not appear to be editable in mythweb.

Thank you.


Background. I have a clean install of Mythbuntu 9.10, combined front/backend on a Scaleo E which has a VFD display. Now the display is almost working. On power up it shows Scaleo E, after a few minutes the lcdproc server screen appears and when mythfrontend starts the display shows date/time. But I am unable to get the display to show anything else apart from date/time. I have enabled the display is setup, appearance, lcd device display.

The log from mythfrontend -v network,socket shows Connecting to lcd server: localhost:6545 (try 1 of 10) (try 2 of 10) etc up to 10.
Syslog shows LCDd: sock_send: socket write error.

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