[mythtv-users] Minimal button requirement for remote controls?

Yeechang Lee ylee at pobox.com
Fri Nov 6 22:29:49 UTC 2009

Tom Dexter <digitalaudiorock at gmail.com> says:
> If cost is the main issue when it comes to "minimal" remotes,
> personally I've always been very happy with my Phillips Tivo, which
> actually has quite a few buttons and can be had for like $12.  I
> have two of them laying around.

I was thinking more of the number of buttons than the cost, per se
(the two aren't necessarily synonymous; many $10 universal remotes
have way, way more buttons than anyone would need for MythTV), but
yes, the TiVo remote (which I happily used for the many years I used a
Series 1), which I know other readers use, might be as good as any for
a MythTV remote reference design. Looking at the second-generation
design (<URL:http://www.dvrlife.com/images/tivo-remote-control.gif>),
we have

* 0-9, Clear, Enter
* Play, Pause, FFwd, Rew, Rec, Slow
* Instant Replay, Advance
* Channel Up and Down
* Up/Down/Left/Right, Select
* Volume Up and Down, TV Power, Mute
* Live TV, Guide, PiP, Display, TV Input
* Thumbs Up and Down
* The TiVo button

Most of the mappings to MythTV keybindings are obvious. Advance and
Replay could be NEXTVIEW and PREVVIEW, or (given the directional pad)
the Thumbs Up/Down buttons might be used for that. Slow could be
ESCAPE. The TiVo button would, in my case, be the TV Recording
Playback jumppoint.

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