[mythtv-users] mythbuntu 9.10, multiple problems

Jos Hoekstra joshoekstra at gmx.net
Mon Nov 2 23:54:30 UTC 2009

Steve Peters - Priority Electronics schreef op 2-11-2009 23:39:
> Hello all. I upgraded from mythbuntu 9.04 to 9.10 using the update manager.
> Now I have some issues:
> 1. Auto login doesn't work.

Logging in works, autostarting the frontend doesn't here ...

> 2. vdpau doesn't seem to work, even though i have nvidia 185 drivers 
> (geforce 9500 512mb card) - frontend just freezes and i have to kill it 
> from the command line

720p seems to play via vdpau, 1080 make people turn green :S

> 3. My pvr-500 recordings suddenly don't take up the full screen. There 
> is a big black border on both left and right sides, and a very small 
> black border on bottom. This is just all of a sudden and affects all 
> recordings done now and old recordings.

I used to have filling issues, now I switched to autofill, might take a 
while to adjust, but I love it!

> 4. All fonts seem to be locked at small. Since my couch is about 15' 
> away from my tv, we increase the font sizes 3-4 pts, but that doesn't 
> seem to work anymore. Fonts in the watch recordings are small, the 
> guide, the osd, everywhere. Just can't seem to enlarge them.

Only the fonts in the popup of bookmarks seem to be over here.

> 5. Watch recordings screen no longer plays little video in the corner. 
> Now i just see a screen shot.

Never really noticed that.

> All of these issues are happening on both my master backent/frontend, 
> and my frontend laptop. Exactly the same issues!!!
> Any ideas? Am I the only one who has encountered them? Any help is 
> greatly appreciated.
> -Thanks
> Steve

One feature I really like is the storagegroups thingy, I fiddled with it 
to switch it on and to my surprise I got artwork for frequently watched 
serials like CSI and so on...
Lirc seems to be a bit buggy as well, but seems to get better with the 
latest update from the mythbuntu team.

All in All I like it!


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