[mythtv-users] Problems with Frontend after .22RC upgrade (solved)

Per Olausson per.olauzzon at googlemail.com
Sun Nov 1 09:48:16 UTC 2009

I *had* exactly the same problem. Short history: running myth for years, but
had to switch over to DVB-C from DVB-T and this of course caused all sorts
of upgrade mayhem on my gentoo box. This was because I could not get my
existing myth changeset to build against the new box, for some unknown

Following an update to the latest and greatest on SVN I got a floating point
exception when starting up mythfrontend, although welcome/backend was just
fine. As was said in an early reply to this thread, that this might be
because of plugins, would in fact turn out to be on the spot.

Setting ulimit -c unlimited and then checking the stack trace via gdb
.../mythfrontend core / where I could see that /usr/qt/3/lib/libqt-mt.so.3
was referenced in the stack frame at fault.

I digged around with ldd but could not find it at first. This was most
certainly because I was searching  for qt3 but that won't yield a hit on

Long story shortened. The library in error (obsolete?) is
libmythbookmanager.so which you will find in .../lib/mythtv/plugins. I
deleted it and everything was fine.

As to what the proper resolution to this is (if bookmanager is not obsolete)
I don't know. But it seems prudent to do a rm on all libraries in the
plugins directory prior to doing a make install.......the next time you
upgrade Myth.

Hope this helps anyone out there in the same tricky spot.


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