[mythtv-users] Is anybody able to change channels on a 4250HDC STB via firewire?

Dale Pontius DEPontius at edgehp.net
Mon May 11 01:34:57 UTC 2009

Matt Emmott wrote:
> I've got Mythbuntu 8.10 running with 0.22-trunk and have set up a slave BE
> with an HD-PVR. I have succesfully been able to capture video from my
> SA4250HDC STB and would like to use one of the firewire contrib scripts to
> change the channel. However, none of the scripts work. When I attempt to use
> the SA3250 script, I get the message "Ignoring SA 4250HDC on node 1 -- sorry
> not supported yet Could not find SA3250HD or SA4200HD on the IEEE 1394 bus."
> Has anybody found a way to change the channel on this STB? I'm open to any
> option. Thanks in advance.

I don't have the 4250HDC, but I do have the 4250C.  I don't know how 
similar they are, or if the "HD" in there make them completely different 
STBs.  Theoretically, I plan to run mine with the IR-blaster on my 
HVR-1600, but I recognize that that IR blaster is a bit of an oddity, 
and I've had trouble trying to use a conventional IR repeater with the 
STB, so I'm a little fearful that there's something non-standard about 
the frequency/protocol.

The box also has a USB jack on the front, so one day just for jollies I 
plugged a keyboard into it.  The number keys work, and change the 
channels.  I didn't mess much more than that, and in particular I don't 
know if there is some sort of keycode that will turn the STB off.  The 
linux kernel has support for "USB gadgets", meaning that with the 
appropriate cable can act like a USB peripheral (such as a keyboard) to 
some other USB host controller. (like the STB)  One of those gadget 
devices that was planned was a keyboard, but I haven't been able to find 
anything further than "planned."  Still, it may be an option.  If I get 
to the point of trying my IR blaster and fail, I may have to be 
reexamining this one.

Dale Pontius

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