[mythtv-users] input priorities?

Gordon McLellan gordonthree at gmail.com
Thu Mar 19 22:21:05 UTC 2009

I'm transitioning from SD to HD on my myth box and have one HD capable
tuner, two dedicated SD tuners and one analog capture device that is
shared with the HD tuner for recording from a cable box.

Some shows I would like to record in HD if possible, and if not,
record in SD.  To achieve this, I have set their schedules to record
one showing a week, filtered for new episodes only.  This also helps
with the seemingly random timeslot changes the networks are doing to
screw with DVR owners, like shows starting at 9:02PM either don't
match a 9:00PM schedule, or lose 2 minutes off the end of the program.

Myth doesn't seem to understand what I'm trying to do, probably
because I'm not understanding the priorities system, or perhaps it's
just not possible.

For example I want to record the terminator drama on fox this Friday.
It airs at 8:00pm.  Myth has it scheduled for the SD tuner because at
8:30 a low-priority program is scheduled to record off the cable box
(which is part of the HD tuner's input group).  The cable box input
has a priority of -5 in the backend setup, and the HD tuner has a
priority of +5.  Terminator schedule has the HD tuner as the preferred
input, and the schedule has a priority of +2.  The program that's
bumping Terminator has a priority of -2.

What do I need to change to make sure the higher priority schedules
get to use the higher priority inputs, or at least, get to use their
preferred inputs?

Next Monday, there are two shows I would like to record in HD, and it
seems myth is bumping the high priority schedule off the HD tuner and
giving it to the lower priority schedule following alphabetical order.
 The program "Chuck" is bumping the program "House", House has a
priority of 5 and Chuck only 2.

Any guidance is appreciated.


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