[mythtv-users] Freeview & Freesat combined (UK DVBT & DVBS)

Andre Newman mythtv-list at dinkum.org.uk
Mon Mar 16 14:42:45 UTC 2009

On 16 Mar 2009, at 14:16, Mike Perkins wrote:

> Andre Newman wrote:
>> I find that you need one DVBT tuner with active EIT on or the  
>> schedule doesn't update fully or quickly, maybe it's better if you  
>> watch live TV but I almost never do. I've had one wrong recording  
>> due to EIT errors (Five US I think it was) in a couple of years, so  
>> unusual it was memorable! Although I rarely record anything on ITV  
>> and I know they are a nightmare with EIT like they were a nightmare  
>> with video plus.
> I don't think Live TV has anything at all to do with the functioning  
> of EIT collection.

Apparently each multiplex carries the EIT for all channels  
(prioritised by update frequency for the channels in the multiplex) so  
in theory if you watch enough live tv enough EIT gets collected. It  
seems that if you dont watch any live TV the EIT never gets updated,  
well in 24 hours I got a couple of hours on five or six channels. An  
hour after switching active EIT on I have a full schedule.

> You're right, there were problems before Christmas with the uk_rt  
> sources, but that was soon dealt with.

Good news, just put me off the whole concept at the time. I really  
like the idea of combining the two sources and as soon as my system is  
stable I can try things out on my friends system as he uses a Sky+  
with the MythTV as a playpen for now.

> The issue I have with EIT is that it doesn't look very far ahead, so  
> it gives you little time to discover new programs/series/films you  
> might want to record.

True, who looks at the TV schedule more than once every month ;-) with  
a well set up mythtv that knows what shows and films you like you  
don't need to....
At the moment I'm having to look every few days due to scheduling  
conflicts between BBC HD & ITV HD and as ITV HD having an actual  
programme is a rarity it's good to catch them. As soon as my second  
DVBS card is working (Nova HD S2) I can go back to just watching the  
recordings that appear by magic.

> Plus, as I say, on occasion (and on certain channels, it has to be  
> said), it can be just plain wrong.

I think my taste in TV coincides with broadcasters who generate  
accurate EIT schedules :-))


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