[mythtv-users] vdpau sanity check

Bill Williamson bill at bbqninja.com
Sun Jun 28 04:15:29 UTC 2009

On Sun, Jun 28, 2009 at 1:34 PM, Justin The
Cynical<cynical at penguinness.org> wrote:
> Bill Williamson wrote:
>>>> DELETIA: Stuff about HDMI audio to TVs <<
>> My understanding is that the optical audio output on HDTVs is for one,
>> and only one, purpose:
>> If you have a surround receiver and a TV with an HD tuner then that
>> port WILL PASS dolby digital to your receiver while using that
>> internal tuner on HD channels with 5.1 audio.  Nothing more, nothing
>> less.  It's not intended as a de-multiplexer for HDMI audio, as
>> they're assuming you will go device->receiver->tv if you want
> *snip*
> While that would be nice, in my case I don't expect the set to reencode
> DolbyHD to DTS or any such thing.  What I would expect would be that the set
> to act as a pass through at the very least.  What I am seeing currently with
> mine is exactly what it in the manual:  If the audio is from a digital
> source (HDMI in this case), it only sends out 2 channel, even if the
> original stream is DTS or AC3, which the optical has the bandwidth for.

My point was simply "why would you even expect that" ?  If you have a
surround receiver you'd connect hdmi to that first, then just the
video to the tv.  If your surround receiver doesn't have HDMI then
guess who wins if you have to buy a new one :p

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