[mythtv-users] OSX DVD player and themes

Adam Brown abrown at spsu.edu
Sat Jun 13 14:48:10 UTC 2009


I am somewhat new to mythtv. I am using a pre-built binary on Leopard
10.5.7. Everything seems to be running ok (using all default
settings), but when I insert a DVD and try to play it, I get no
response from mythtv. Are there settings I need to change to point
mythtv to my DVD drive?

Also, when navigating around mythtv, it is difficult to see some of
the buttons, like "Next", or "Finish". I've tried changing the theme
with no such luck. It's almost as if it is being covered up with a
bright light, even without the cursor over the button. I'm using an
Intel GMA graphics card (could that be it:)). Any suggestions would be

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