[mythtv-users] New system w poor quality picture

David Watkins watkinshome at gmail.com
Sun Jun 14 21:50:51 UTC 2009

2009/6/13 Mike Perkins <mikep at randomtraveller.org.uk>:
> Paul Gardiner wrote:
>> Mike Perkins wrote:
>>> ACtually, there *is* HD over the air (DVB-T). Both BBC and ITV are
>>> trial-running HD transmissions from certain locations. Not having any means
>>> of displaying HD I've not been paying too much attention, but they are
>>> certainly available in some areas.
>> Interesting! Know of any links to further info?

The Crystal Palace transmitter broadcast BBC HD for the best part of a
year during 2006/2007.

It was easy to record using a bog-standard DVB-T card.  Not so easy to
play back though!

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