[mythtv-users] distro

Johnny jarpublic at gmail.com
Wed Jun 3 14:50:50 UTC 2009

> Thanks Johnny,
>     It sounds as if Ubuntu doesn't lag that much behind Debian Sid
> (unstable) then, which I am using now through Sidux. The reason I like Sidux
> so much is that it's rolling, so I never have to worry about a new version,
> just keep up to date through the Sidux scripts. Guessing version to version
> upgrades in Ubuntu are fairly trivial??

Yes it should be a smooth transition. If you are feeling really
adventurous I believe you can even do a straight upgrade from Sid to
Ubuntu using some apt magic and changing the repos. Although you are
most likely asking for trouble if you attempt something like that.
Doing Ubuntu distribution upgrades is fairly straight forward. My last
one from 8.10 to 9.04 consisted of clicking OK in a gui, clicking
yes/no about keeping a couple of config files, and waiting 45 minutes.
Everything worked fine immediately after the update.

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