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James Crow james at ultratans.com
Wed Jun 3 14:33:45 UTC 2009

Marius Schrecker wrote:
> Thanks Johnny,
>     It sounds as if Ubuntu doesn't lag that much behind Debian Sid 
> (unstable) then, which I am using now through Sidux. The reason I like 
> Sidux so much is that it's rolling, so I never have to worry about a 
> new version, just keep up to date through the Sidux scripts. Guessing 
> version to version upgrades in Ubuntu are fairly trivial??
> Looks as if I'd probably gain more than I lose by moving over, so will 
> do so when I have time.
> Cheers!
> Marius
> On Wed Jun 3 15:50 , Johnny sent:
>     > So the question is how good/up to date is Mythbuntu compared with
>     Sid? As my
>     > bluetooth keyboard obviously doesn't work out of the box, I haven't
>     > actuially tried it yet, but does it simplify things like modeline
>     > customisation for PAL modes, and VDPAU, or is the setup likely to
>     be pretty
>     > much the same as I'd get sticking with Sid?
>     >
>     > I'd consider moving if it made life easier, but otherwise will
>     bang away at
>     > getting the Nvidia bug sorted from where I am now.
>     Being up to date is probably the primary difference between Debian and
>     Ubuntu. Ubuntu is on a relatively rapid update schedule (every six
>     months) compared to Debian (when its done). With this comes the
>     classic tradeoff of stability/robustness for the newest code. Ubuntu
>     is based off of Debian unstable. They do a freeze on Debian unstable
>     periodically and then their devs spend their time whipping it into
>     shape for what Ubuntu considers a stable release. I moved from Debian
>     to Ubuntu a few years ago and found the transition went very smooth.
>     In the years since I have learned to give a new release a month or two
>     before I update. Understandably there are usually a few major bugs
>     lingering around, but they usually get worked out pretty quickly in
>     the first few weeks after release. It is really a matter of taste. I
>     am an update junky and prefer to have everything updated frequently
>     even though it raises the occasional bug more often than I would see
>     in a Debian system.
>     I am running mythbuntu 9.04 and I have VDPAU working with mythtv with
>     almost minimal effort. I am very pleased with this build.
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
I have run Ubuntu (and Mythbuntu) for the last two years. The upgrades 
have been pretty smooth. A new version comes out every six months and 
you get an update notification. If you are comfortable with the APT 
system then updating Ubuntu is similar to Debian. I run JYA's repo for 
the Myth packages. He maintains a 0.21-fixes + VDPAU package. It makes 
getting up and going with Myth and VDPAU quite easy. If you decide to 
run with JYA's repo don't bother the devs with problems about it. JYA is 
quite active on this list and seems to keep his stuff very up to date.

I switched from another dedicated Myth distro and do not plan to switch 
away from Mythbuntu anytime soon.


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